Borne of a time when preservation was key, Jono Carr asks, do we still need shrubs?

“If it was up to me I’d have a shrub in half my drinks. I think a bit of vinegar helps add a lovely tang to a lot of cocktails, especially sours. When you make a sour with a shrub it gives you an extra thick foam with a luxurious mouthfeel.” – Ian Guthrie of J&M’s in Sydney

Single Cask American Whiskey: Jono Carr on the single cask and small batch Bourbon trend

‘Single Cask’ and ‘Small Batch’ monikers brought Bourbon into the elite world of other drams existing under that giant international umbrella of Whisk(e)y. Arguably, one of the biggest Bourbon makers actually started the whole small batch thing internationally with Booker Noe’s influence over at Jim Beam.